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 Beware of touts and job racketeers trying to deceive by false promises of securing job in Railways either through influence or by use of unfair means. Candidates attempting unfair means shall be disqualified and legal action shall be initiated against them

This website is dedicated to our esteemed customers and candidates who are desirous to seek employment in INDIAN RAILWAYS through this Board. It is our effort to make up-to-date information available which a candidate wishes to know.

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Last Updated: 27.02.2020

1. CEN 01/2018 (ALP and Tech) - Notice for the candidates (Updated on 13.11.2019)

2. CEN 01/2018 (ALP and Tech) - List-2 of Medical unfit candidates and notice for remedical examination (Updated on 15.10.2019)

3. CEN 01/2019 (NTPC-Graduate) Notice on 1st stage CBT (Updated on 15.10.2019)

4. Notice on Meeting with Prospective Exam Conduct Agencies on 25.09.19 in Railway Board Office New Delhi for conduct of Computer Based Tests(Updated on 18.09.2019)

5. CEN 01/2018 (ALP and Tech) - List of Medical unfit candidates and notice for remedical examination (Updated on 03.09.2019)

6. CEN 01/2018 (ALP and Tech) - Provisional Part Panel-1 for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot against Cat No 1 and 2 (Updated on 21.08.2019)

7. CEN 01/2018 (ALP and Tech) - Notice-2 on Block date for Absentee candidates (Updated on 21.08.2019)

8. CEN 03/2018 (JEs, DMS and CMA) - Notice on 2nd stage CBT(Updated on 13.08.2019)

9. CEN 03/2018 (JEs, DMS and CMA) - Result of 1st stage CBT(Updated on 13.08.2019)

10. CEN 03/2018 (JEs, DMS and CMA) - Link to View 1st Stage CBT Score (Updated on 13.08.2019)

11. CEN 02/2019 (Paramedical category) - View of Question Paper, Responses and Answer Keys and raising of Objections if any to Questions/ Options / Answer Keys((Updated on 02.08.2019)

12. CEN 01/2018 (ALP/Tech)- Procedure for making appeal against medical unfitness(Updated on 01.08.2019)

13. Don't get taken for a ride...(Updated on 10.05.2018)

14. झांसे में न आना...(Updated on 10.05.2018)

15. COE Courses and Equivalent NCVT Trades (Updated on 15.02.2018)

16. Equivalence of Restructured(Model ITI) Pattern AND Conventional Pattern of CTS (Updated on 15.02.2018)

17. Aadhar card - Indicative Advt. in the Newspapers

18. Important Notice on Aadhar card for forth coming RRB Examinations

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  3. CEN No. 03/2018

4. CEN No. 01/2019

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6. CEN No. 03/2019

7. CEN No.            RRC-01/2019

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